Terms of Use

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Those Terms of Use are a translation of the Dutch "Gebruiksvoorwaarden". The translation is offered as a convenience. However, in case of inconsistencies or interpretations, the Dutch "Gebruiksvoorwaarden" will prevail.

Camiel Bouchier ("Camiel") gives you access to and use of camiel.bouchier.be ("Website") for the purpose as further defined. This offering is a favour which can be stopped at any time and is subject to these Terms of Use and subject to all rights. Once you gain access to the Website or use of your username and password, you ("User") are deemed to have read, understood, and expressly agreed to these Terms of Use.

If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, Camiel invites you to no longer refer to the Website and to delete your account by e-mail request (see below).

If any provision of these Terms of Use is not applicable or is contrary to a mandatory provision of law, this inapplicability shall not affect the validity or applicability of the other provisions.

Camiel thereby reserves the right to modify at any time the content or remove parts without having to notify you.


  • "Infrastructure" : The computer, peripherals, internet access and software that store the Material and offer it as the Website.
  • "Material" : All information, text, graphics and software available on this Website.
  • "Photographic Material" : The images published for the Specific Purpose of this Website. Each result of a photo-editing that user would do on such Photographic Material is also covered by the definition of Photographic Material.
  • "General Purpose" : Publication as information and entertainment of texts, images and software for private purposes.
  • "Specific Purpose" : Offer electronically pictures that have been taken now or formerly in family context or with friends/acquaintances to that family or friends/acquaintances.


All intellectual property rights relating to the Material lie in Camiel, the licensors and the visitors.

Copying, distribution and any other use of the Material is not permitted without written permission of Camiel, except and only to the extent provided in regulations of mandatory law (such as the right to quote), unless otherwise indicated in specific Materials.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the copyright of the Photographic Material belongs to Camiel. The Belgian copyright laws are applicable. User may for personal use produce an electronic copy of the Photographic Material on its own infrastructure. User may make a print for personal use of the Photographic Material. Under no circumstances User is allowed to make available Photographic Material available to third parties. In particular, the Photographic Material may not be published on social networking sites (Facebook, Netlog, LinkedIn ...) or any other public or restricted site. Exceptions to the above are possible only after the written permission of the copyright owner and the depicted person or his dependents/beneficiaries.

Privacy and Personality Rights

Under the Specific Purpose no images are published on the Website without the consent of the person depicted, his parents/guardian or dependents/benificiaries. Moreover, on simple unmotivated request via e-mail, an image will be removed from the Website. Camiel endeavors to do so if necessary in reasonable time.


Infrastructure and the Website is provided 'As is' and 'As available'. In particular, Camiel gives no guarantee for the availability or on the performance nor on the Infrastructure security.


The Material is stored on and offered through the Infrastructure with a security Camiel believes to be accurate for this application. Camiel is released from any responsibility for any intrusion on this Infrastructure or compromise of this Infrastructure and its consequences. The User expressly agrees not to disturb the optimal functioning and the security of the Infrastructure. The User shall not make any attempt to provide themselves or others unauthorized access to the Infrastructure. In particular, the User will not share his personal username and password with third parties. The User will only use the Website in a manner that is fair with regard to the General Purpose and Specific Purpose.

Limited liability

Camiel is committed to reasonably update the content of the Website. Despite this care and attention it is possible that content is incomplete and/or incorrect.

The Material on the Website is offered without any warranty or claim to correctness. Material can change at any time without notice from Camiel.

In particular, all prices on the Website are subject to typing and programming errors. For the consequences of such errors no liability is accepted. No agreement is reached on the basis of such errors.

Users can post themselves content on the Website. Camiel exercises no prior or editorial control, but complaints about user content will be seriously investigated and Camiel will intervene where appropriate. Please contact us by mail.

Camiel never accepts responsiblity for the Website included hyperlinks to other sites or third-party services.

Camiel accepts no liability for any damage (direct, indirect, consequential ..) following the use of the Infrastructure or the information available on the Website, including damages resulting from loss of data, revenue and/or profits, arising out of or in any way related to the use or (mal)functioning of this Website or parts of it.


Those Terms of Use can change from time to time without prior notice.