Absynthe Minded - Envoi

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Envoi (2009) by the Ghent (Belgium) band Absynthe Minded.

Catchy song, edited from a Hugo Claus poem, pictures from Ghent. Nice ...

My verses stand gawping a bit
I never get used to this
They lived here long enough

I send them out of the house
I don’t wanna wait
Until their toes are cold

I wanna hear the humming of the sun
Or that of my heart,

They don’t screw classically
They babble commonly
And bluster nobly
Enough! Enough!


In winter their lips leap
In spring they lie flat at the first warmth
They ruin my summer
And in autumn it’s girls and a broken heart

For another twelve lines on this sheet
I’ll hold my hand over their head
And then I’ll kick them out

Go and pester elsewhere, one-cent rhymes
Find somebody who cares

Go now on your high feet
This is where the graves laugh
When they see their guests

One corpse on top of the other
Go now and stagger to her
Whom I do not know
Enough! Enough!


For the Hugo Claus poem see "Nederlands".

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